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STUFFed Balloons

Throwing a child's birthday party?  Have an event where adults and kids would love a unique take-home gift?  

Then Stuff by DK is the perfect idea!  A creative way of STUFFing a large latex balloon with themed balloons.  There is a wide range of themed balloons from Moana to Star Wars to even fun Emojis...we have our standard selection of 24 themed balloons that are kid friendly for both boys and girls.  We are also able to customize our selection based off of your parties theme.

Inside of each STUFFed balloon will contain one themed balloon, two plain balloons that they can choose their color for and one long balloon.  These are all then tied with a band that can be used as a "punching" balloon or simply to carry it.  Most STUFFed balloons will last in a cool room for up to 6 weeks!  Talk about a great take-home gift.

Parties of all sizes can be accommodated!

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